Other Maine Coon Catteries we work with and recommend:

  Website       Cacaponcoon, Gaithersburg MD, Sergey & Natalie Yagodin

  Website       Makanacoon, Virginia Beach VA, Patricia Taylor                    

  Website       Purrlightly, Raleigh NC, Wendy Little                                   

  Website       Alopeke ("Al-low-pay-kay"), Raleigh NC, Diana Fox              

  Website       Britacoon, Farmville VA, Becky Carrion                                

  Website       Old West Coons, Hillsborough NC, John & Mary Jo Teague                               

Sites of Interest to Maine Coon Cats (as well as their guardians)

  Website        Furwood Forrest - Custom, Hand-Crafted Cat Furniture         

  Website        Plant Poisons - Plants that are DANGEROUS to Cats            

  Website        Maine Coon Heritage Site                                                 

Maine Coon Cat Databases

  Website           Pawpeds

  Website           Hibou 

  Website           International                                                               


 Moonbow Photography  

Another service of Purrbodys

We are one of a group of Maine Coon Cat catterys in North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia that raise and show Main Coon Cats


As of September 15, 2010 our associated catteries have three litters of kittens, many of which are for sale.  More details will be posted soon as well as information about caring for these wonderful cats.

We are currently under construction and will have a much more informative web site up by the November 2010
If you have questions, or for information, please send email to purrbodysann at